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Oakland’s grassroots Community Lab for biohacking and citizen science.

We are Counter Culture Labs, a community of scientists, tinkerers, biotech professionals, hackers, and citizen scientists who have banded together to create an open community lab — a hackerspace for DIY biology and citizen science

Biology is the technology of the 21st century, and has the potential to affect our lives as much as or more than computers did in the 20th century. Our goal is to demystify and democratize this technology, putting tools into the hands of those who want to learn.

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The Lab

We currently offer our members most of the essentials for a full-fledged molecular biology lab, including several fridges and freezers, incubators, centrifuges, shakers, microscopes, PCR machines, spectrophotometers, gel rigs, etc. We also have two biosafety cabinets, a large desktop autoclave, a Speed Vac centrifugal evaporator, a beefy Millipore water purification system, and several bioreactors. Three large donated lab benches buy essay uk were mounted on casters, making much of the lab layout reconfigurable. We also have academic essay writers a room set aside for our future BioSafety Level 2 lab, enabling us to work on human samples and cell lines, or to isolate novel bacteria with useful properties.

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