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Interested in becoming a member? Come check us out during one of our regularly scheduled meetups – all our events listed on Meetup are open to non-members. Our weekly Social, Tuesdays at 8pm, is especially recommended for new folks who just want to come check out the lab and meet some of our community.

Once you’ve decided you’d like to become a member, here are the steps to go through:

1. Create a Membership Account

We manage our member accounts in conjunction with our neighbors Sudo Room. Click the link below, check the box next to “Counter Culture Labs”, and click the “Create Account” button, to create an account and choose the payment plan that works best for you:

2. Setup Membership Payment Plan

Basic Membership: $80/month

Basic membership includes access to the lab space and equipment (after taking our safety training), and full voting rights at our regular members meetings.

Biosafety Level Zero: $20/month

Our “Biosafety Level Zero” membership is perfect for those people who do not need use of the laboratory areas, equipment or hazardous materials. Whether you’d like to participate in the Fermentation Station, the Bay Area Applied Mycologists, work on electronics or just hang out at the space – this is the membership level for you! Does NOT include access to the lab area or equipment, but includes all other membership rights.

Sponsored Membership

We have a limited number of sponsored memberships available at reduced rates for those people who we feel would be a great addition to our community, but cannot afford our regular membership rate. Click the button below to apply:

3. Sign Membership Agreement

Download Membership Agreement Here

4. Next Steps

Every new membership is on a trial basis for the first 30 days. The 30 day period starts once the membership fee is paid and the Membership Agreement signed. During this 30 day trial, the new member is required to attend two Counter Culture Lab events scheduled on, and meet two members to support, vouch, for the new member’s full membership to Counter Culture Labs. Training on equipment and lab work can be done by the new member as soon as they take the safety quiz. Once the 30 day trial is over, the two vouching members need to communicate their approval in person, at a working meeting, or by sending an email to The new member will be notified via email about their full member status. When this status is granted, the full member will have access to a locker and 24/7 building access or as is permitted by the Omni Commons. At any point during this time any member can block a new member from becoming a full member.